For Year 10 software, when I finally started to take this whole thing seriously, I was up for a challenge. Since the best way to motivate 15-year-olds to learn how to program is to teach them how to make games, my class was tasked with recreating Space Invaders in Visual Basic.

Not using a game engine — using Windows form elements. I said no, and since I matched my stubbornness with competence, poor Mr Howse relented and let me build it in HTML5 Canvas. And the change in frame rate was worth everything.

#spacerave2014 is the end product. It’s an infinite game, and your objective is to score as highly as possible before the alien invasion eventually destroys your ship. In the meantime, you’ll experience a wide range of power-ups and power-downs as the timer at the top of the screens ticks through.

I hope you enjoy it.